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Christmas Gifts Gone Bad!

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Somebody at my work place once said, "it doesn't quite feel like Christmas if you're not stressed and unprepared because of it".

Stressed and unprepared is an understatement!

When it comes to gift-giving at least, my process usually goes something like this:

  1. Feel a confident sense of calm like- "oh I've got plenty of time".
  2. Start preparing to prepare- "I'll think of gifts on Saturday".
  3. Eventually buy one present- "Yes! Nearly bought all of my gifts for people already, I'm so prepared!"
  4. .................................................*procrastinate for weeks*.............................................
  5. Weekend before Christmas- "EMERGENCY SHOPPING! BUY EVERYTHING!!!"

And if you follow these simple steps and repeat every year, then you too can become an expert at never being ready for the Christmas period, like me :)

I still need to get a few gifts for people but everything in town was either sold out or just a rubbish gift idea (why are mugs always sold as gifts?? I might as well paint some spoons or a potato masher and give that away). It also doesn't help that I'm not very good a picking presents. I don't like getting the same old stuff for people, so I always know what I don't want to get but never what I do.

 However, after seeing yet another gift mug, I thought to myself "actually yeah, why don't we all just buy rubbish gifts for each other. That should be a new tradition!".

Wait think about it for a second. If you live in the UK at least, you know that you're just going to get whatever you want in the Christmas sales the next day anyway.  So why don't you save someone the awkwardness of potentially getting you an unwanted gift and just ask for a photo frame, or a chopping board or a 'surprise' gift instead of say, an Xbox One or a designer watch? Yeah I know, it's a brilliant idea!

After all it shouldn't matter what you get because its the thought that counts. LOL, as long as the thought doesn't come across as 'I was just being lazy' or 'this Sellotape is really clingy...just like you' then the recipient should understand.

The unofficial rule of rubbish-gift giving is to give something with a humorous or sentimental thought in mind. I once gave my brother a slice of packaged cheese as a joke-gift, because he's the only sibling that likes cheese- simple. He laughed, I laughed, we all laughed, and then of course I eventually gave him his real present, but you see my point. I wouldn't recommend trying this on young children though, they probably won't see the funny side...

So what do you think? While you consider my revolutionary Christmas idea, be inspired by these excellent examples of maybe-not-so-good Christmas gifts:

  • Birmingham, UK- Man gave his girlfriend a toilet seat. (They are no longer together)
  • Smithfield, Pennsylvania, US - Lady reports receiving a gift of just one slipper for Christmas. ONE slipper! Who is gonna use the other slipper though??
  • SomewhereelseinAmerica- read this story about a girl who's father had made her a bra with     pockets because she was always complaining about not having any. I can't decide if this is the worst, best or creepiest gift I've ever heard of...

Happy shopping! xx

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