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Music Videos of Life!

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Hello world! Hope you're all ready and prepared for Christmas (if you celebrate it), I certainly am not! I definitely have some last minute shopping that I need to do today, but I thought I would write a quick post on something that I have been falling back in love with recently - amazing music videos!

I have a kind of geeky dream to one day design and direct a music video, because I just like the idea of hearing a song and translating into a creative mini-film, especially when a song can have many different interpretations. Besides I think most people can admit to imagining themselves in a music video whenever their favourite song plays...or is that just me lol?

So this morning I was on a YouTube hunt for new Nigerian songs and found some with amazing videos  to go with it. Quality music videos are a big deal to Nigerian music fans, you only need to read the YouTube comments under those videos that did not go down so well ('skelewu' anyone?) But they have come a long way and I think the quality of the visuals, effects and directors themselves match up to, if not beat, the standard of Western produced music videos. The only thing that has never made sense to me is how Nigerian music videos have only gotten better over time, whereas the age-old, famous 'Nollywood' Nigerian film industry still has some catching up to do...but I'll save that for another post, in the mean-time take a look at some of the videos below:

'Eminado'- Tiwa Savage feat Don Jazzy. Directed by Clarence Peters

'Somori'- Omawunmi feat Remy Kayz. Directed by Aje Filmworks.

'Le Kwa Ukwu'- Iyanya. Directed by Sesan.

'Nek-Unek'- MC Galaxy feat Davido. Directed by Patrick Ellis

'Jaiye Jaiye'- Wizkid feat Femi Kuti. Directed by Sesan

'Aye' - Davido. Directed by Clarence Peters

'Pata Pata'- TemiDollFace. Directed by James Slater

Let me know what you think!

Tomi xx

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