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The New Native: Morocco

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Hello! This is another cultural fashion post because there were just too many that I wanted to show off! Today it's all about the look-at-me-now native wear of Morocco. Morocco is known for popularising caftan dresses, but it needs to get some attention for its other native dress, the Takchita shown below:


The Takchita (or taqchita, tackshita, tackchita) is a traditional garment made up of two layers: a simple dress (the Tahtiya) as the first layer, and a highly decorative outer layer/overdress (the Fouqia or Dfina). The belt worn around both layers is called the Mdamma and is usually made of silk, gold or silver and decorated with precious gems.

Like the other traditional clothes I have talked about, the Takchita is popular amongst Moroccan women and is especially worn at big events like weddings. Can you blame them?! Do you see how detailed and bejewelled these dresses are? You're not gonna be wearing this to go buy milk!

It has been a firm favourite in both the Arab and Western fashion scenes, with designers coming up with various interpretations. Therefore I raided Pinterest again to see what I could find. Just look at these more modern designs:

                               Randa Salamoun, Abaya, bisht, kaftan, caftan, jalabiya, Muslim Dress, glamourous middle eastern attire, takchita
caftan 2012 caftan 2013 new jadid kaftan et takchita
black and gold takchita
Very 1920s:)Jeweled Caftan / Rami Al-Ali
Abaya, bisht, kaftan, caftan, jalabiya, Muslim Dress, glamourous middle eastern attire
Caftans et Takchita | via Tumblr
simple Moroccan Caftan Swarovski Crystal
Kaftan-reves: caftan maroc 2012 kaftan takchita jabadour jalaba 2013 part 1

I want all of them! Lol thanks for reading xx

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