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10 Things I Should Be Doing Right Now

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1) Moving to Australia -

One of my close friends from university left for Oz yesterday :'(. Since graduation last summer I know at least 5 uni friends and various other Facebook 'friends' that have made the move down under, the majority living in Melbourne. I must be missing out on something amazing going on in Australia. Either that or these people are trying to tell me something...

2) Updating my phone-

I am a complete grandma when it comes to mobile phones. All I need them to do is make a call, send a text, have enough space for instagram (obviously), and therefore have a decent camera, tell me the time, and stay
on. I am currently using an LG brick from 2 millenniums ago, but you know what this phone is a survivor- it
has been lost and found, dropped many times, waterlogged many times, (I once accidentally threw it in the shower :/ ) and it's still here today. You know which phones can't survive all of that? iPhones. But I will soon be using a fairly old one anyway since I got it for free so you know, why not? I just don't know where it is at the moment, oops!

3) Flappy Bird-

I actually shouldn't be doing this, because if I see what all the hype is about and start playing this on my phone non-stop, I might almost break it again. I don't want a repeat of Angry Birds.

4) Learning to drive-

This is also wrong, because I absolutely do know how to drive, the government just doesn't want to give me my license yet without apparently 'passing' a test -__- It doesn't matter that I have already spent far too much money on driving lessons over the past 3/4 years (on and off...still bad I know). Guess I better start catching up on that Highway Code book (why are there so many road signs?!)

5) Saving up for a car-

Well I'm not wasting that driving lesson money for nothing! Even though I am not excited about paying for petrol, paying for parking, paying for insurance, paying for MOT, paying road tax etc, I need to start putting a little aside every month so that I can have the car of my dreams and move around whenever I want (if there's no traffic)

6) Saving up for a holiday (vacation)-

The traveller in me would rather save up for this than a car, but for now the car is first priority. Although if I plan to visit Australia/Ghana/Italy/Canada/anywhere-outside-rainy-UK, and never come back...I won't really need a car will I?

7) Reading my Bible-

Not the Bible app on my LG brick, but my actual paper Bible. It is the 'Good Book' after all not the 'Good App'. There is always something in the Bible that you won't have read, even if you've read it before. It can simply depend on the situation that you're going through and what frame of mind you're in, but you can always discover a passage that just make you go 'wow!'. That is what I think, but there's only one way to find out!

8) Finding/downloading new music-

I just need to stop replaying songs on YouTube over and over and over again. Some current favourites here, here, here and here

9) Blogging!-

Inspire and be inspired! That includes reading as well as writing different posts. I usually go to Bloglovin to find some interesting bloggers out there. (Follow me :D )

10) Sleeping-

I haven't given up the day job just yet, I have to be up at 6am aaaah!!

OK good night people, thanks for reading xx

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