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Facebook Buy Whatsapp

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In less than one week since the news came out that Facebook has bought instant messaging app Whatsapp for a reported £11.4 billion ($19bn), Whatsapp has already crashed. Some of the apps 450 million+ users
(including myself) could only see a 'connecting...' message whilst conversations seemed to be loading forever. The problem has now been fixed but for something like this to happen so soon after Facebook takes over, it doesn't help their reputation at all. 

Facebook buying Whatsapp was no surprise to me really. Whatsapp agreeing to be bought by Facebook is more surprising since there is apparently only 30-odd people working at Whatsapp. For the company to be worth £11.4 billion they're obviously doing well at this level, who knows what they could have been worth in maybe 2 years time with double the people/resources! But as I said Facebook buying Whatsapp is no surprise, because (in my humble opinion) they need it. Facebook need something like Whatsapp to stay relevant because these days Facebook on its own has become boring...and I think Zuckerberg knows it.

Again its just my opinion but I'm not even sure why Facebook is boring now. The social network's only purpose is to connect with friends, post statuses and share/like pictures- basically everything you can do with Whatsapp- but still I hardly go on Facebook these days, not as much as before. I just don't really need to. Everything Facebook can do, apps like Whatsapp and Instagram (also Facebook-owned) can do too except much faster and more easily. Whatsapp also prided itself on not showing any adverts, whereas Facebook kind of turned into Big Brother with all of the tailor-made advertising that crops up on our profiles. I think that's where the site's popularity started going down. That and 'Farmville'. Adverts and 'Farmville' will cause Facebook to die a slow, slow, sloooow near-death.

So now can someone advise me, should I change my name and address before or after Facebook buys the whole internet? If you are a Whatsapp and Instagram user as well Facebook user, they basically now have all our details and images and could clone us a million times if they wanted to (maybe not, idk). Also, if Whatsapp is going to experience further problems, then its maybe time to start looking at alternative apps.

According to this graph based on company data (shown on the Sky News website) the most popular IM apps after Whatsapp are Skype chat with 300 million users, WeChat with 270 million, Viber with 100 million and BBM with 80 million users. A moment of silence please for the people still using BBM. There is also a link on the website to an article that briefly explains the pros of each app if you're interested.

Are you worried about the Facebook takeover, or does it make no difference to you? Let me know what you think!

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