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Dashiki Princess

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We had some really warm and sunny weather in the south of England not too long ago (miracles do happen), to the extent of some people even wearing just a T-shirt and shorts......SHORTS!

I don't think it was really warm enough for that just yet, but I did decide to wear something that would look great in the sunshine. This lovely Dashiki top was a gift from Dubai but the style originates in West Africa and that's exactly how I felt wearing it, like I was about to go rep my roots at a Black History Month event or something. I even got my natural hair out in a cute style and everything. Needless to say I was feeling good enough to take pictures- check me out, modelling clothes and shiiiiii...!

Had to do a cheesy smile as well of course :D

As you can tell I'm not a model just yet! But what do you think of the look, is it a keeper? 
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