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Introducing: Fixedland

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The Business 
"Fixedland is a bicycle shop located in Madrid, Spain. We repair, sell, restore and customize any kind of bicyle but we are specialized in single speed and fixed gear bikes."
The Brains 
"My name is Alfredo Martinez, I am 32 years old and I am from Madrid, Spain. I've always loved riding bicycles and repairing them but just as a hobby. I moved to London to improve my English and it was there that I started riding fixed gear bicycles and realized how big the bicycle movement is in London. When I came back to Spain I saw just a few people riding this kind of bike and I thought that it would be a good idea setting up a business for this." 

The Beginning 
"As in every single business if you do not have a lot of money it is difficult to start, so what did I do? I started to work in a company and meanwhile I set up a website where people could buy online products. So almost all my salary was invested in my business. One day I met a guy who was going to open a skateboard shop in Madrid and he proposed to me that I bring my stuff and do a Fixedland corner in his shop giving him some percentage of sales. I quit my job and I bet in my business and few months later a friend of mine offered some money to be my partner and set up a bigger shop.
Nowadays we are in a not good economic situation in Spain but maybe because of that bicycles are growing in Madrid for commuting.Because of that we are growing little by little."

The Highs and The Lows
"The best and worst thing is to be your own boss. You can do whatever you want to do but you have to work overtime to get all the work finished. On the other hand sometimes I asking myself if I am doing things right and feel this big responsibility...but doing what you like is the best thing in the world"

The Vision 
"I think at the moment this kind of bicycle (fixed gear) is growing popular but they are going to stop growing in a couple of years I guess. Because of that we are trying to bring to the shop any kind of bicycle and can offer the customer a wider range of products."

"There is also a Fixedland cycling team formed of 3 people, 2 guys and 1 girl. We race in all fixed gear criteriums in Spain and a couple of internationals called RED HOOK CRITERIUM. This year in winter we have raced in another kind of discipline called CICLOCROSS (these are not fixed gear bikes, the are similar than road bike but for mud). I sponsor them paying travelling and race expenses."

The Alternative?
"If I wasn't running Fixedland I would probably still be working in another shop like an employee and saving some money to set up a business."

Any advice for people that want to start/started a business?

"If you really want to do it you can do it, sooner or later but you can. The only thing you have to do is fight and work so hard to get what you want. In this life everything is possible. Keep pushing!"

You heard it from the man himself. Find out more about Fixedland on their website and Facebook page. Read my previous interview with US clothing brand Allen and Fifth here

Thanks for reading!

(photo credit: Alfredo Martinez, Fixedland facebook page)

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