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Little Life Lessons

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Hey hey hey, hope you're doing good wherever you are in the world!

I just wanted to share a couple of home truths that I've picked up so far in life (well, in my 20s at least!). I definitely don't know it all, but there are so many things that I have ended up learning about the hard way. So with the benefit of hindsight and a few deep quotes LOL, I wanted to pass on a few reminders:

Failure happens
(hold on, hold on, hold on- UPDATE!: I had to change the subtitle because I want to stress that failure doesn't mean that success isn't worth trying for! It is worth trying for! Don't let a momentary fail stop you from being a success, just bounce back sweetie!)

Sorry if this sounds like a depressing way to start this topic! Basically life is full of failure, the end.

LOL, OK seriously I'm starting with this tip because it is probably one of the biggest learning curves in life. I know I said it jokingly just now but I have learnt that life is indeed full of different kinds of little failures (as well as successes) and the disappointment that comes from failing can hit you hard. There will likely be moments in life where you will fail yourself, your friends will fail you, your family will fail you, random strangers will fail you, even your own body will fail you. Failure does, my friends, what are you gonna do about it?
From my experience I know that when circumstances knock you down, it can feel really horrible, like 'I'm-never-leaving-my-room-except-for-food' horrible. The worst thing you can do is stay knocked down. Failure is not the end result so you have to force yourself to say tomorrow is another day. Imagine if you don't even get a tomorrow, are you going to let that situation rob you of your last chances of joy? Do something to cheer yourself up- listen to non-depressing music, watch funny vine videos, read the Bible or something inspirational, TALK to people about how you feel. ( just be careful with things like comfort eating though).

The most important thing is that you keep trying. "Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life."(Proverbs 13:12). You and I, we're going to keep trying.

(if you have time, read this story by Necole of NecoleBitchie for more on bouncing back from failure)

Know yourself.KNOW YOURSELF!

Have you ever heard of those people that go off to remote places to "find themselves"? Actually I think that's what I was trying to do on the low when I went to be an au-pair in Spain! LOL anyway, you might side-eye those people but they kind of have a point, it is really important to know the kind of person that you are:

1) If you don't know your personality, your behaviours, your morals, the things that you like/don't like, your passions and visions etc then you will likely end up feeling lost in this life. You don't have to go very far in the world to be in sink-or-swim situations; do you know yourself well enough to know what you would do in all situations? The quickest way to find out about yourself: ask other people! Our loved ones often know us better than we know ourselves.

2) If you don't know yourself, others will decide who you are for you; this can be dangerous. Friends, boyfriends, colleagues, strangers- if you don't know to present yourself to these people or react when they say or do certain things to you it can make you have a completely false idea about yourself, knock your confidence and possibly put you on the wrong path- and you would have no idea why!

I sit back and observe
-observe people. Look out for things that you admire and dislike- ask yourself do you want someone else to see this quality in you.

3) Know God. For me, I know that I would be a completely different person without Him. Just from the various situations I've been in I can quite easily imagine myself doing things like losing my temper, cussing people out, fighting (yes honey, don't mess with me! haha) drinking, smoking maybe, running after boys :P, and having a huge lack of confidence and self-esteem. I know that about myself and I know that belief in God gives me hope and aspiration to do and be better.

I hope what I've said has given you some food for thought. Like I said I don't know it all, these are just a couple of things I have learnt so far. What do you think, can you relate to any of these "life lessons"?

Thanks for reading!
Tomi xx

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