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I have to post because the news in Nigeria is just irking me too much right now!

By now you should know about the 200+ girls that went missing in northern Nigeria because thankfully everybody and their mama has been tweeting, posting, re-posting, etc etc about the news. If you don't know anything about it, firstly- please pay more attention to the news or social media or both, and secondly- here's a summary:

On April 20th aproximately 200 were kidnapped from their school in Chibok, a town in northern Nigeria. 43 of them managed to escape thank God, but the rest are still missing. The exact number of the girls kidnapped/still missing varies from source to source but we think it is 234.

Recent reports have also said that the girls have been moved across the border and sold off or married as child brides by their captors. Remember most of them are SCHOOLgirls.

The girls were kidnapped almost 2 weeks ago, and in that time it has gone from a news story to a worldwide petition to do what needs to be done to bring them back home (and home alive!) Even celebrities are using the trending hashtag #BringBackOurGirls to spread the news and keep it alive so that it doesn't become one of those stories that eventually gets forgotten about.

With no news of action to rescue them, comparisons have been made with the missing Malaysian Airlines plane and the immediate effort put into finding those victims; disgruntled Nigerians think the President is not doing enough or showing enough concern. However according to Nigeria's Interior Minister, Abba Moro, the government cannot divulge details of what it is doing to secure the release of the girl because of the threat the militants have made to kill the girls if certain steps were taken. Fair enough if that is true...I think the general frustration amongst Nigerians is the prospect of what I said earlier- people, including the government just forgetting about these girls once all the hype is gone and another story comes along.

   And wouldn't you know it, another story has come along! There has been another bomb blast in Abuja! A bomb blast in the exact same town (Nyanya) as the previous one 2 weeks ago (the same week as the kidnappings) that claimed 70 people. This time 9 people have already been confirmed dead.

Which way Nigeria? What is going on??! Why is there no regard or respect for life at all, that people cannot just go about their day without the worst happening to them?!

Continue to be informed and spread the news. We don't know how these things work but we do know the power of social media and hope that it will put constant pressure on our goverments to help rescue these girls and bring them back to their families.


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