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Hall of Shade!

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"Welcome, welcome to the Hall of Shade!" 

These days people don't care any more, the level of shade and side-eyes and general disrespect is too damn high!

LOL it might just be a coincidence but I've been noticing so many shady situations lately that I just feel like handing out these imaginary awards:

Best Celebrity Shade Award- RHOA cast

Have you ever seen so much expensive shade in your entire life? No, no you haven't!

I can't lie I couldn't even finish watching the first part of the reunion (part 2 is now out) because firstly, it was just too long for me, and secondly I couldn't take the awkward-ness anymore! With all those side-eyes, rolled-eyes, closed eyes- like don't your eyeballs hurt?? I'm not even going to into the fight, that's a whole other story!

Also, I can understand why people don't like Kenya (the woman brought a megaphone and a sceptre -__- ) but I had to side with her on that 'dog-was-your-only-friend' comment that Phaedra made. If you're not going to be genuine about condolences then just don't say anything, keep it classy!

Shade rating:

Best 'So True' Shade Award

Don't you just hate it when when you wave at somebody you know and they pretend like they didn't see you?!! Ooooh that ish is so annoying LOL because you know that they saw you! You're there waving or calling and they just leave you looking like
I'm sorry but I just had to use this pic!!
It's even worse when you don't even really like the person, you were just trying to be polite! You wanna call them back like "Nonononononooooo! I'm supposed to ignore you, get back here, let do this again!" ...does this only happen to me? LOL ok anyway...  

Shade rating:

Best 'SMH' Shade Award

I once observed this group of 3 'friends' out on a lunch (they were on the same table as me I wasn't just creepin'), except the strange thing was, only two of them- a boy and a girl- were doing the talking.

It turned out that the couple were speaking in another language to each other, a language that the other guy clearly didn't speak. Bless his heart, the dude was piping up every so often talking about hot sauce or something, just to try and get the attention of his friends. They gave him like 4 seconds of dialogue and went back to talking to each other. 

Why would you invite somebody to lunch with you and not talk to them? Why would you invite somebody to lunch with you and speak in a whole other language in their presence??! That is some cross-cultural shade, come on now.

Shade rating:

Best Social Media Shade Award

I've not been on Twitter too long (follow me!) so forgive me for being so late, but some of the hashtags that start trending are just 'WOW!'

This award needs to go to the #PoorMichelle trend- really, who started this? Fess up! OK yes Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child may not have been as...'present' as Kelly and Beyonce but this trend is too much LOL
Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

SMH, no respect at all!

Although props to her for hitting back

Shade rating:
What do you think of my little Hall of Shade, is there anything else that you think needs an award?

Thanks for reading

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  1. OMG! This had me dying! I know a couple of people I'd like to give some awards to! Lol!

    1. LOL thanks girl, people are just getting too brave these days!

  2. LOLLL I love this whole post for days!! Had me tooling with laughter ����