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How To Wear Braid Cuffs

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When I was in London a while ago, I noticed a lot of the girls with braids and twists were wearing gold/silver hair cuffs. I was so surprised because I haven't seen this hairstyle since I was in primary school (which makes me sound so old!), and it was mainly girls in my class with cornrows, or ladies with dreads that I used to see wearing them.

The braid cuffs/beads typically looked like this on the girls I saw: 

Hair idea: Gold braid cuffs. Would you accessorise your braids? Yay or nay?
Feeling all nostalgic, I wanted to try the style myself. I bought these cuffs at my favourite beauty supply shop in London, Paks. It was only 99p and came with these colourful elastic bands (which I don't think I'll be using) 

The cuffs are easy to open, just pull apart gently

I don't have braids or twists at the moment so I improvised and tried this style first: 

This actually turned out to be a useful way to keep the hair off my face, I just used the cuffs like bobby pins/kirby grips. 

Then I tried it with a couple of chunky twists (sorry for the bad quality...thumbs up for car selfies!)

Here are the cuffs in a messy pony tail....I don't think it looked as good though, what do you think?

(don't mind my edges!)

I know overall they look a bit razz LOL, but the style grew on me throughout the day and I think I'll try them again with actual braids next time. 

So what do you think, would you wear these? 

Tomi xx

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  1. Am so glad I found this post now I know where to buy them from, they look so lovely. Didn't know you could wear it with weave, but I like the look and great post x