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Introducing: Dorcas Shola Fapson

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I don't watch too many series-type shows these days (I try to keep up with them but I'm always like a day, or 2 seasons too late), however there is one series on YouTube that got me hooked straight away!
Shuga Naija is about a group of young people in the city of Lagos, Nigeria, dealing with the usual 90210/Gossip Girl stuff- friendships, relationships, parties etc. However there is a central and very serious theme throughout this show which I will leave you to discover.

With only 8 episodes, Shuga Naija has become an instant hit and has brought attention to the young and fairly unknown cast. I spoke to Dorcas Shola Fapson who plays the popular character Sophie, to get her take on the show's hype and find out a little more about the budding actress- check it out below:

Hi Dorcas, welcome to the blog. First of all congratulations on the success of Shuga Naija! The show has received so much praise for its gripping storylines and impressive acting. Was this the kind of response you expected or has it come as a surprise?

Erm we were hoping for that response but I definitely didn't expect it, I particularly didn't expect my character to be received so well! 

As part of a new cast, what has it been like trying to break into the Nigerian TV/film market?

My plan wasn't necessarily to break into the Nigerian was really just to showcase my talent & do what I love. Being able to do that in my motherland was just a bonus! 

If you can only pick one, which episode of Shuga Naija would you say is your favourite and why?

My fave episode was definitely the one where Weki's team mates supported him after they found out his HIV status, I think it was episode 5. For me it was really touching to see people stand by him, it conveyed the message that people with HIV are normal people too so they shouldn't be treated as inferior or cast out from society.

So you split your time between Nigeria and the UK. Out of both countries, which do you prefer living and working in the most and why?

Omo Naija ni mi na! I love my country! Lol but I'm a little scared to live there. The issues with electricity, the roads and general security are the main problems for me, other than that I love it! The weather and hustle atmosphere is just for me. I like London - lived here all my life but I feel like people are just too comfortable, they're not as driven. In Lagos if you don't work you don't eat...London you don't work but still eat, sometimes better than the people that work! Smh

...and do you have aspirations of going Stateside? You recently completed a drama course in New York, how did you find it?

Actually just before I got Shuga I moved to New York to pursue acting.. I did my video audition for Shuga while I was there... I absolutely loveeee America, I’m American at heart. I stayed in New York and attended a drama school in Manhattan, I haven't had training before so I thought it'd be useful to do their 5 week intense course.

You and Lola Rae look stunning in your photos for Dee Beaute by Dolly Okusanya! What was it like getting all dolled up and working with Lola Rae?

Aw thank you! To be honest, I actually don't really like that Lola Rae girl sef, her beauty dey vex mi hahaha joking! She's lovely, been a fan of her work since 'Watch My Ting Go' and when I met her she said she was a fan of mine too *blushing* so we just got on like a house in fire.

Now this music video that you starred in for Weray ENT's ‘Do As I Say’- just too emosh! Na wa for this your love story! Please explain the concept of the video for those who haven’t seen it. 

Erm basically I played a lady who was dating a guy (AY) that she had a child with, but he was a drunkard and became abusive so she moved on and started life a new man (Emmanuel Ogunjimini). However she was still in love with the father of her child, in the end she ends up going back to her first love. It was a really fun shoot, the group (Weray ENT) are a lovely bunch! J

Finally, back to Shuga Naija, the final episode of the show was a shocking one! Please let us know, will we be seeing more of Sophie? And what can fans expect from the next season?

The next season is only gonna get bigger & better! I can't tell you if you'll be seeing more of Sophie, but you'll definitely be seeing more of Dorcas on your screens... Oshe! X

Thank you so much Dorcas, all the best!

Like she said, I think we'll be seeing a lot more of Dorcas on our screens! So if you need to get up to speed after reading this interview, definitely go watch the Shuga Naija series on YouTube (and thank me later!) and check out the Do As I Say video too.

Thanks for reading! xx

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