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Long Lost Song!

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Hello all!

Hope you're day was good and not too stressful :) This is such a last minute post, I was planning on posting tomorrow instead of today BUT...since I did a 'Music Monday' last week, I just found the best reason to do it (very quickly) again today!

Do you ever have that annoying situation where you have a song stuck in your head but you don't know the name of it or who the song is by? I am the type of person that just will not rest until I have found it or at least looked high and low for it. This is what happened after a trip abroad and I just had to know what this song was that I had heard randomly in a market. A MARKET! That's like trying to find a song that you heard in a lift or supermarket, you're not even sure if it is a real song! 

I eventually gave up after weeks, maybe months of searching. But as this blessed Monday would have it, I finally (and accidentally) found it yaaaayy!! My summer holiday memories are now complete! It's not even a very good song but it is pure cheesy Europop and I apologise now if it gets stuck in your head! 

 I really really want to go on holiday now! Thanks for reading :) xx

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