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Need A Tee? Hot Brands To Look Out For

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Hey hey blogfam, how was your day today? Good? Good!

We are thankfully getting a little bit closer to summer (in the UK at's probably hot everywhere else) which means we don't have to be all wrapped up, we can start wearing tanks and tees and nothing else! (kidding)

It seems that graphic lettering and statement images are becoming a real staple amongst Nigerian urban designers. If this style is what you like then the following new-ish brands are worth checking out:

BOSHOK- 'Blood Of Slaves, Heart Of Kings!' You can't really ignore a name like that. 

According to the brand's founder, Victor Umeh, BOSHOK Clothing is apparel for those that want to rep where they're from, wherever they're from and create social awareness of issues around the world. You can at least definitely tell that there is a little more thought/creativity behind the tees. 

MarleyRaglanRed3Boxed Logo Black

Bob Marley 'Marshok' Tee and Box Floral Tee 

African-American Tshirt 141-IMG_4070

African-American Tee and World Is Yours Tee

Crewneck Package

(Not really summer wear, but that lion though! )
Visit the site here

Lagos Laid Bac- Created in 2010, this brand aims to represent the art, culture and images of everyday Lagos. You can definitely see the cultural influences, but I think graphic lettering is more the style here
(UPDATE: the website is currently down, which also means I've had to insert this alt picture instead:)

Printable wallpapers resized


Live Long Lagos long sleeve 

Mr Garbe- A UK based label by Bella Adeleke, that also aims to inspire and represent the modern African generation. Some of their ICON tees are perhaps only for the brave Nigerians out there, but the American varsity style tees are right on the money with current trends at the moment


Calabar and Bodija Tee from the Celebration collection 

Fela TeeSoyinka Tee

Fela and Soyinka Tee
Visit the site here

Do you like these designs or nah? I can't get over that BOSHOK lion I don't know why! Let me know your favourites.

Thanks for reading! xx

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