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#SonyWalkmanSaturday - Funky House!

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(Who's seen this on Instagram?!) 

Hey blog lovers, how's your weekend going? Today I'm off to a hen party for the first time, so spare a thought for me and my innocent eyes! In the mean time I'll leave you with a musical walk down memory it #SonyWalkmanSaturday (like #ThrowbackThursday duh! LOL check my Instagram for the full story) 

So today's #SonyWalkmanSaturday- it isn't a CD throwback like that but who remembers Funky House music?! 

 Migraine Skank, Jungle Man Skank, Head Shoulders Knees and Toes- everybody was a dancer back then haha, there was a choreography to everything! Why did this music die exactly?! I'm bringing it back for 10 minutes so you need to get up, oil those knees, point those fingers and make it funky for me! (<---cheesy I know :P)  

(This video is too much!!)

...And I will let you search YouTube for the rest! Let me know what your favourite Funky song was :)

Bye loves! xx

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