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Get A Dashiki This Summer!

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Hey guys, happy new month! Hope you're all having a good week so far :)

As you can see this blog is called 'Dashiki Princess', which is just a tribute to the dashiki shirts that I love to wear now and again, especially in the summer. You may or may not have also noticed the 'Shop' tab that I recently added to my menu bar. Well I now have a dashiki shop that you can check out called Dashik! 

 So if you would like to look unbelievably amazing this summer, if you would like random people to stop you in the street and take pictures of your outfit...if you would like the Obamas to personally invite you to the White House because your dashiki is just too dope for them to comprehend without seeing it in person.........then go to my shop basically ;)

I have a few different colours on the site, and plan to get some more. Hope you like what you see!

Thank you xx

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