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OOTD - Dashiki & Leather!

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Hey hey, how's it going?!

OK so if you have been reading my blog for a while or you're even a first time visitor, (firstly, thank you for visiting! you get a kiss :*), you will have noticed pretty quickly that I LOVE these dashiki shirts! FYI dashikis are also perfect for this summer heat when you really don't want to feel like you're wearing clothes lol, the less sweat the better!

Anyway I have a little 'Outfit Of The Day' here. I wanted to find a way to dress up a dashiki and I always thought one would look nice tucked into a black skater skirt, especially a leather-looking one. But where was I going to find a leather skirt in the middle of summer?? Primark! Thank God for Primark, I wasn't even looking so imagine my surprise when they not only had some, but they were on sale! This skirt was £1! ONE POUND!! You can't even buy a sandwich for one pound lol, you gotta love Primark :D

 I tried out my idea when I went to hang out with friends, and thought it looked great during the day and into the night. Check out the pics (and video!) and let me know what you think :) 

Wanna re-create this style? Remember to check out my shop for dashikis in all different colours!

Thanks for reading xx

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