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Purple Ambition!

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"My people na well done O!" 
('Johnny' by Yemi Alade on YT, thank me later ;D ) 
The weekend is here! Hope you've been having a great week and/or have some nice plans for the weekend :) 

So my hair is due for a change up again, but before I get a new style I wanted to show off my purple hair! So my current hairstyle looks like this:

OK it's not a lot of purple, but it's there! I didn't want to go too crazy with colour for a first try. There is also some colour on the other side underneath but it was tricky to take a photograph of.

I've been on this colouring-my-hair kick for a quite a while now, imagining all the colours I could choose. I want my hair to be pink or purple, maybe blue, maybe not green, sometimes yellow, sometimes peach - ALL THE SKITTLES! Just let my hair taste the rainbow! Lol not really, but I just like the look of unnatural colours in hair sometimes, especially in the summer. 

Last summer I was keen on dying my natural hair a pastel pink colour (which I don't think would have worked realistically). This summer I've just been seeing so many women (white and black) rocking all sorts of colours and it got me wanting to experiment. So for my crochet braids, I just blended some dark purple Xpressions hair with black to achieve this look- see, not hard at all! 

When my hair was all done, it was a bit of a shock to be honest because the purple was more noticeable than I initially thought it would be. My first thought was that people would think I'm a witch or something lol. I got over that quickly though and I love it now, but the thought reminded me of this video I saw where this girl was talking about the perceived difference between black girls and girl of other races wearing colours in their hair- why people might think its "Tumblr-cute" when white/other race girls wear colours, but "ratchet" or "ghetto" when black girls do the same. I personally think that black people are blessed to be able to pull off any colour, whether its make up, clothes or hair; it all depends on HOW it's done. In fact anybody can rock different colours, just as long as it is worn in a flattering way, and there are plenty of examples out there to act as a guide.

(youtuber: Tiarra Monet)
ElektrikTV from youtube."Mystical Candy Storm" Haircolor Creation!--ElektrikTV
(youtuber: Elektriktv )
Purple Hair : Destiny Godley
(youtuber: Destiny Godley)
Purple pastel hair--wish I could pull off something like this!
Pastel Hair Tumblr | pastel hair preciousstone jan 07 2013 blue and green pastel hair
Red hairrrrrrr
(Nicole Polizzi)

Olori swank . Blue hairHer HAIR is giving me life!!!! Olori Swank
(Olori Swank)

Peakmill's blue ombre hair rocking our virgin Peruvian Straight hair! Www.hassadityhair.comPeakMill's Burgundy Bob. PrincessHairShop Russian Straight
 Ivy Powell w/ Teal Blue Curls
(youtubers: peakmill, prettygyrlangie, and Ivy Powell) 

Anyway, whilst I decide what regular hairstyle I'm probably going to do next, I'm going to return to the mirror to swish my purple a little more haha. What do you think of the colourful look, have you tried it before?

Thanks for reading xx

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