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Useful University Tips! (YouTube Fail!!)

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A couple of weeks ago marked a year since I graduated from university! The year has gone by so quickly, but at the same time it feels like university was so long ago, as if I never attended at's kind of a weird feeling. 

Anyway as I was trying to recall old uni memories, I wanted to do this post as I know that people will be starting uni in September/October, or will be going through the selection process, or may be in university now and might want a little advice. 

Then I thought "all these memories and tips I could give...this is going to be a loooong post. Why not make a video?" So I did....and it was a complete fail haha. So many rookie mistakes lol, my voice is quiet, there's background noise and worst of all, because I used my iPhone (it was quicker and more comfortable for me) I got those annoying black bars on the sides -_- I tried everything to remove them but they refused to shift! So frustrating, however I think the tips are still useful, so I have just left the video as it is. Watch it below if you are interested, hopefully it will be helpful to somebody!

Thanks for reading/watching! xx

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