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OOTD (Struggle Selfie Edition)

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Hello all, happy Sunday!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and weekend. Can you believe it's the final weekend of the year?? Although I didn't do anything particularly exciting to mark it, I did decide to get a bit glam for church this morning since it is the last Sunday of the month (African people, you know how we like to signify these days!)

Now I am not a fashion blogger AT ALL!!!! My look is pretty much the same every day- dresses or jeans and a scarf, and then I just fill in the gaps lol. But I was really feeling my outfit today, especially my coat. So despite not having a photographer buddy (or a decent camera to hand...or a tripod aargh First World problems), I was determined to show you my outfit today...this should be interesting. 

Mini OOTD: Struggle Selfie Edition, enjoy!

(Coat- Primark, Faux Fur Stole-H&M literally stolen from another jacket of mine)

(Dress- George)

Ladies and gentlemen, where there is a will there is a way! If you have to stand on a chair to take the picture, go for it...just don't fall!

As you can see from the less than desirable quality of these pics I am a complete novice at this, buuuut A+ for effort right?! LOL I hope you like my outfit of the day. 

Thanks for reading xx

p.s. check out my hairstyle for the day, a pretty decent flat twist-out I think.

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  1. love the lace dress - i'm a sucker for anything lace.
    and i feel you on the selfie struggle.
    i legit don't know how to take them, haha.


    1. Thank you, me too, I think lace is so elegant. You know what I keep seeing these selfie-sticks everywhere...I think I might have to invest! lol xx