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Boots Foundation Haul

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Happy New Year!!!!!

We’re only 10 days in, so I don’t think it’s too late to say that :) Hopefully you had a great Christmas and New Year's and enjoyed some time off, I certainly did!

 I’m not really into the Boxing Day/January sales too much, I just can’t be bothered with it, unless I randomly stumble upon great deals online or in town. So I definitely wasn’t expecting to see that Boots were practically giving away some of their make up! Amongst the nail polishes, and eyeshadows etc I spotted all these foundations in darker shades. 

My first thought was: “!!!!!!! JACKPOT! BUY EVERYTHING!”. My second thought: “Wait when did Boots start selling foundations for black people??” (more on that below)

So I managed to snatch up 5 foundations (and a concealer) for less than £15! (the £1 Nearly Naked has the wrong sticker)

That’s 2x Revlon Nearly Naked (in Caramel), 1 Loreal True Match (in Cappuccino), 1 17 Photo Flawless (in Biscuit), 1 Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse (in Cocoa), and 1 Myface.cosmetics concealer (in 313 I think, it doesn't have a name)....for under £15. Bargain!

So far, I've only ever tried the Maybelline and Loreal foundations, so I'm interested to see how the others look on. I don't know why I got the Dream Matte Mousse, I don’t even like Dream Matte Mousse! But for £1.99 I can get over it haha I'll find a use for it. 
(Do you remember when that foundation first came out and it was like every teenage black girl had it? Before we all discovered Youtube!)

I’m currently using a completely different foundation (by B. Even seen in the image above. I bought this in Superdrug for £7.99 and I'm liking it so far) but my plan is to try out the lighter ones during winter/spring and the darker ones when the sun hits me in the summer. Even though I have mostly yellow undertone skin, I just look sick whenever I use yellow-ish foundation all over my face, so I want to try mixing the lighter/darker shades to get a better match (there you go, purchase justified!).

So I would recommend heading to your nearest Boots to see what foundations and other cosmetics they have on offer especially if you need to wear darker shades, you could find yourself some great discounts!


OK so I mentioned that my second thought when I saw these foundations was “when did Boots start selling foundation for black women?” There aren’t a lot of black people where I live, so I’m used to not finding drugstore cosmetics in darker shades. But Boots in general don’t tend to display darker shades and every time I have been in this particular Boots where I bought this stuff, they have never displayed anything dark from any of the major drugstore brands. Now all of a sudden they have them on sale? Hmmm, how does that work? A bit suspect I think. I am certainly not complaining about the discounted price, if they’re going to continue doing that LOL, but it does make you wonder about the perceptions that these companies have.

If you watched this year’s The Apprentice, you’ll know about Bianca Miller's business idea of selling hosiery and shapewear in a variety of skin tones, especially darker ones. A frequent comment was that there isn’t a demand for this product- who will buy it? Of course there was no shortage of women coming out on Twitter and Facebook etc to answer that question, but it’s likely that this perception of ‘black’ or ‘ethnic’ demand commonly held by retailers, is the reason why Bianca says she has never been able to buy tights in her skin tone. Who knows, tomorrow M&S or Primark might just display a shelf of discounted brown tights that nobody knew they even had!

Food for thought. What do you think? Is it about time retailers started catering to all groups in the UK, or is there still not enough of a demand?

I’m going to put this make up away now before I start painting my face. Thanks for reading! xx

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  1. nice!! I just got a new foundation and I love it!

    1. Oh cool, if you have any recommendations let me know! xx

  2. I should have being there cries, a nice concealer would have been great hope the sale is still on.

    1. I don't normally use concealer but the one I got was 50p! So of course I've decided to start using concealer lol. I hope you find some good deals :) xx