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SWS: Shakira!

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Hello hello!

It's the weekend thank God! Lol that's what you say when you had a long, up and down week! I have a lot of pending posts to publish (and by pending I mean they are still in my head) but I thought I would get back into it with a Sony Walkman Saturday post (that old favourite of mine)

I didn't do anything special last night except have a '#flashbackfriday' turn up in my kitchen whilst making dinner. First it was Kevin Lyttle (you know the one ;D ) then Wayne Wonder (Lord!) then Kat De Luna (where did she go?!) but once Shakira appeared in the suggested videos, that was it- Shakira for the next hour! (or until I got really hungry I can't remember).

Shakira is my girl-crush! I liked her songs when she first came out to the Western audience, but it was my host mum in Spain and her daughter that made me like Shakira even more, because they really loved her. So now any time I listen to Shakira songs they are a little reminder of my Spanish family :)

If you love Shakira too or you just want a little bit of a latin-flavoured throwback today, these are some of my favourite songs/videos from her, hope you enjoy!

Thanks for reading xx

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  1. Yassss to shakira one of my all times favourite songs was called la totura am listening to it now because of you.

    1. La Tortura is a great song I love it (I wasn't sure about posting the video though lol) yay glad to know someone else is a Shakira fan too :)