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The Versatile Blogger Tag

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So today I am doing the Versatile Blogger Award tag (I've seen it called some other names e.g. Lovely Blogger Award) and I was tagged by the lovely Ola of LifeTalksListen, a girl whose blog I discovered on Instagram (of course, where else?!). So thank you Ola for checking out my blog and tagging me, you're a gem! 

This is a blogging first for me, I have never been tagged to do anything, so needless to say I'm pretty happy to be taking part! The rules of the tag are: Say who tagged you and show gratitude to that person, reveal 7 random facts about yourself, and share/tag (up to) 15 other bloggers that you have recently discovered. So without further ado: 

7 facts about me:

1) I am a Christian. I'm definitely not perfect and it hasn't always been easy but I am eternally grateful for my salvation and feel blessed to have God in my life.

2) I'm left-handed. Sometimes I will try to eat with my right hand but halfway through a meal I'll just switch back to the left.

3) I am an introvert. As much as I love meeting new people and joking around with them, I can't be around people all the time! Lol that sounds so anti-social, I don't mind going to parties etc but then I'll need about 2 days at home by myself to recover from all that human interaction :P

4) When I was younger I wanted to be an animator. Instead of going outside to play like children are probably supposed to do, I watched A LOT of cartoons! Cow and Chicken, Sailor Moon, Dexter's Lab, Johnny Bravo, Hey Arnold, Recess - all'a'dem! It was my dream to work for Disney or Cartoon Network.

5) I love world cultures. I just find them very interesting and I plan to study Sociology or Anthropology some day. Obviously I love Nigerian cultures but I also love the cultures in South America and East Asia.

6) I hate pigeons and seagulls! Ugggrhh they're so nasty! I really dislike birds in general, but these two in particular make me feel some type of way, because they can just crap on you at any time!! Sometimes I will walk in the middle of an empty road just to avoid the trees and lamp posts where birds like chill...just waiting to poo in your hair- kmt God forbid!

7) My favourite film in the whole world is ATL starring T.I. and Lauren London. I haven't watched a lot of films to be honest but ATL is my film! "I'm NewNew, cz I always rock the sh*t" lol.

Blogs that I have recently discovered and recommend:

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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  1. yaay this is awesome, thank you so much for doing this tagg and am selective introvert didn't even know that was a thing until I did some research and I hate pigeons and seagulls as-well high 5 someone understands my pain. Am off to check out more of your post and the blogs you have just discovered.

  2. lovely shirt!