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DIY Movie Night Room (Merry Christmas!)

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It's too late to say merry Christmas now right? Whatever, I've still got a Christmas jumper on today, so merry Christmas!!

Wherever you were, whoever you spent it with, I hope you had a lovely, relaxing, festive, fun day :)

It's usually just me and my family on Christmas Day, but this year we had two other families coming to spend the day with us so I wanted to do something a bit different in terms of the usual festive activities.

'Watching Christmas films' is definitely up there with 'eating too much food' and 'falling asleep by 4pm' when it comes to typical things we all do on Christmas Day. So with an empty room that is yet to be filled with furniture (we recently moved), I thought it would be a good idea to create a makeshift cinema/movie night room.

I was basically making it up as I went along. I bought a few cheap pillows, grabbed as many blankets as I could find plus an air-bed for extra seating, hooked my laptop up to a projector and added a few twinkling lights for a Christmas-y touch. It was quite simple to do and didn't take very long, so this idea can essentially be done at any time of the year.

Watch my lil' Christmas Eve vlog to see how I did it (brace yourself, the transformation is truly like an episode of Extreme Makeover:Home Edition)

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